Admitting that you are in pain makes you stronger

You fill up a bucket full of tears, and you feel like the pouring rain is not going to stop even if it the summer sun is making everyone sweat.  The burden in your heart in that exact moment triumphs over every happy moment that you have with your loved ones. You walk around aimlessly … Continue reading Admitting that you are in pain makes you stronger


I yearn for you

I yearn for you and vulnerable knowing every piece of me that I myself has not discovered Pinning me in every direction On journeys that we have and have not taken     taking over my body and spirit keeping my soul free yet attached together by a red ribbon all these thoughts it peeks … Continue reading I yearn for you


Between the lines that were stretched To the circles in her eyes the catapult of emotions- struggle,devotion, devastation trying to creep out from the brilliance. spunk began to ensue blink after blink after blink     -Cydric M.


With its razor-sharp teeth of infidelity, insecurity of all things we see unequally the blood-shut eyes that sees the fools they themselves entirely, highly judgments- what they do best in the bad way scrutinize on every dress that seems to be addressed in their way.   Fuck Patriarchy where they think shots and cheap whiskey … Continue reading F.P.