Poem 1.2.png


We got this


Between the lines that were stretched

To the circles in her eyes

the catapult of emotions- struggle,devotion, devastation

trying to creep out from the brilliance.

spunk began to ensue

blink after blink after blink



-Cydric M.


With its razor-sharp teeth of infidelity, insecurity of all things we see unequally

the blood-shut eyes that sees the fools they themselves entirely, highly

judgments- what they do best in the bad way

scrutinize on every dress that seems to be addressed in their way.


Fuck Patriarchy

where they think shots and cheap whiskey is the ticket to in between

they deceive.

buy you and get you like their property entirely

in their own inferiority, viciously.


fuck the difference of wages

the walks on the street

you feel threatened, unexplained paranoia that has numbed you down to think that this is normal

looking left and right

living a life of being in constant dangerĀ 

a time and a place you don’t have any other choice but to exist.


What give you the power to control another person?

these deepest darkest thoughts prevail pure evil and vicious

dripping that’s afraid of the concept of consent

too loose, off controlĀ 

afraid to lose control but ironically not afraid to do it again

because of the society that we live in

parents said own it, teachers are proud of it

entitled bastard.