On a Sunday Night

We sat on the red-worn sofa On a Sunday night Bought a drink for the two of us To share all night The hookah took a long time to arrive So I just watched basketball Kinda weird they show basketball in a party place It was Sunday Not a lot of people Probably preppin for … Continue reading On a Sunday Night



Between the lines that were stretched To the circles in her eyes the catapult of emotions- struggle,devotion, devastation trying to creep out from the brilliance. spunk began to ensue blink after blink after blink     -Cydric M.


With its razor-sharp teeth of infidelity, insecurity of all things we see unequally the blood-shut eyes that sees the fools they themselves entirely, highly judgments- what they do best in the bad way scrutinize on every dress that seems to be addressed in their way.   Fuck Patriarchy where they think shots and cheap whiskey … Continue reading F.P.